1 oct. 2015

*Recipe* Bacon and Cheese Panini

Bacon and Cheese Panini

This is something I occasionally make for my family. Is really good and savory. I saw it once in a Tv Show and then I tried it with some modifications and it turned out better and easy to make!

So here is the recipe!

17 sept. 2015

*Recipe* Chocolate, Chia and Oats Cake

Chocolate, Chia and Oats Cake

My family really enjoys this cake! I can make it anytime and is really easy and simple to do it.

27 ago. 2015

*Recipe* Benefits of the Chia and Green Smoothie

Since I read all the benefits Chia has, I'm using it on my smoothies and all the things possible.

Here are some of the benefits I have read.

17 jun. 2015

*Recipe* Refreshing Green Smoothie

Sometimes, to not said always, the city where I live is extremely hot. Some people even said is like a oven, because we live in the eternal summer.

So I make this refreshing green smoothie when the weather is killing me.

It tastes like a fruit punch without the alcohol. Is really good!

12 jun. 2015

*Recipe* French Fries with Garlic

Everybody loves French Fries, but they are not healthy at all.

Sometimes I crave some, so I make this potatoes for this moments, and the best part is that is really simple to make and I, absolutely love them.

Sometimes I think they are better hahaha